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Investing in the Zambian Mining Industry

The Zambian Mining Industry comprises vast mineral resources with the main commodity type being copper. Copper in Zambia has been mined for hundreds of years and is by far the most exploited mineral resource. The history of mining copper originally dates back to the...

Base Metals Growth in Africa |Biggest world-wide

Africa will be recognised as the biggest contributor to the growth of mined copper production from 2013 to 2017 in percentage terms. Predictions reveal that African mine output will peak in 2018 and decline thereafter if no new mines are developed  adding, however,...

Senior Mine Engineer|West Africa  

A client of CA Mining is seeking a Senior Mine Engineer to manage and lead on all short term planning onsite located in West Africa. SEND YOUR CV TO: nicky [at] camining [dot] com    Senior Mine Engineer Responsibilities The Senior Mine Engineer will need to execute...

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