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Reference Number: GAS0028

Reference Number: GAS0028


Job Description:

Design of process plant such that all capital efficiency and process engineering requirements pertaining to allocated mine development projects are met technically, and within budget and schedule.



  • Health Safety and Environment

  • Demonstrate a strong focus on Health, Safety and the Environment by:
  • Complying with companies Environmental Health and Safety Policy and having an understanding of, and demonstrating, the 12 EHS standards, particularly as they relate to personal accountability;
  • Actively promoting safety awareness’s and environmental responsibility amongst company and contract personnel
  • Reporting all personal injuries and incidents and assisting with investigations;
  • Actively supporting and participating in safety and environmental initiatives;
  • Ensuring JSA’s and Risk Assessments are completed as required; and
  • Accepting accountability to ensure personal safety and the safety of others whilst protecting the environment.

  • Financial Performance

  • Achieve capital efficiency in all process designs and improvements.
  • Actively utilise technology advancement to companies benefit.
  • Justify process and equipment selection based on a clear business case with sound economics in context of the asset life cycle.

  • Mine Development Projects (Process Engineering)

  • Define the process requirement through consultation with the project team and evaluation of the GeoMetallurgical properties of the deposit and recommend efficient and effective processing options.
  • Develop a test work programs to as necessary to inform process design and performance criteria.
  • Develop Scopes of Work suitable to the “execute” phase, including setup and management of a schedule/work plan.
  • Develop process flow diagrams, process models; mass, water and energy balances, and operating cost estimates
  • Develop P&ID’s.
  • Develop a process operating and control philosophies.
  • Participate in the development and review of plant layouts, mechanical design drawings.
  • Identify process risks and mitigation strategies.
  • Lead HAZAD and HAZOP reviews as necessary.
  • Report on testwork, process design, waste processing and costing.
  • Commissioning of new plants and equipment.

  • Initiative

  • Actively promote the need for continual improvement in the technical and economic performance of development projects.
  • Maintain awareness of performance issues across the company, and issues related to plant design.
  • Communicate improvement opportunities to the Project Manager and promote the need for action.

  • People

  • Carry out all tasks in a manner consistent with the Values and Behaviors of Companies Plan
  • Liaise effectively with Group, Site and Contract personnel on technical and related issues.

  • Communication

  • Report writing and presentations to be of a high standard and tailored to match the audience requirements.
  • Establish productive relationships with the peer group across the business to utilize broader organizational expertise, and proactively review work.
  • Ensure team members are well informed of priorities.
  • Provide information to operating, maintenance and project staff so they can incorporate development work into their planning and control systems.
  • Liaise with consultants, contractors and suppliers as appropriate.
  • Compile all project work into recoverable electronic filing systems.

  • Budget and Costs

  • Assist in the development of project budgets.
  • Diligently monitor metallurgical and process engineering project costs and actively explore cost saving measures to ensure budget are met.
  • Liaise with and assist business analysts to carry out economic evaluations on project proposals.



Requirements: Qualification and Skill

  • Technical

  • Capable of understanding the metallurgy of companies mineral processing and beneficiation technologies.
  • Capable of calculating plant mass, chemical and water balances and developing models for the chemical and metallurgical processes.
  • Ability to scope, resource, conduct and/or oversee metallurgical test work and analyse results in order to draw logical conclusions from the data to make process design recommendations.
  • Capable of designing and implementing metallurgical flowsheets to improve process performance or meet specified performance criteria.
  • Capable of developing descriptions, arguments and justifications for and in support of the recommended processes.

  • Persuasive

  • Demonstrated ability to achieve desired outcomes through effective communication and cooperative relationships with a wide range of disciplines
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and drive the outcome and timing of process improvements through comprehensive, accurate and well-presented verbal and written communication.
  • Effectively collaborates with consultants and technology suppliers to ensure that their expertise leads to improvements to company’s operations.

  • Degree in Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering or a related field.
  • A minimum of 7 years combined experience in operational and design roles.
  • A good understanding of mining and processing operations.
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills.
  • Involvement in development of a process from concept to an operating process or stages in between  
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in mineral sands processing is preferred but not essential.

Benefits and Contractual information:

  • Permanent position

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