Reference Number:  7112017AND


Job Description:

A Jumbo operator will be responsible for the operation of a single and / or double boom jumbo drill rig for underground development mining with installation of ground support as per the SSR (Systematic Support Rules).



  • Job specific documents e.g. daily maintenance checklist, SOP and importance of the same
  • Risk and impact of not following the defined procedures/work instructions
  • Escalation matrix for reporting identified problems
  • Understanding the cost of equipment and loss for the company that results from damage of equipment
  • Analyzing all direct/indirect cost of accidents to the company
  • Implications of delays in process to the company
  • Locally prepared emergency response /disaster management plan
  • Constantly monitor the equipment
  • Communicate with surveyors, geologists, and engineers to optimize drill patterns and meters


Requirements: Qualification and Skill

  • Minimum Educational Qualification Class 8



  • Have a positive outlook to training the national workforce to safe operating standards.
  • Accurately mark-up and drill face as per the drill patterns using a mechanized single and double boom Jumbo.
  • Accurately record all required information including prestart and all required tools/accessories information
  • Assess ground conditions at the face and implement ground control as per the Systematic Support Rule according to site requirements
  • Read and accurately follow mine instruction plan with skill and precision ensuring holes are drilled to design line, gradient and profile
  • Assure working area is safe for personnel and equipment to perform working duties – including ensuring electrical installations and services are clear of the drilling area.



  • He on the job needs to know and understand:
  • Specifications of jumbo drilling rig and their specific use.
  • Proper use and care of machine and cables, picks, bits, sharpening, shaping etc.
  • Specification and details of jumbo drills used in mines
  • Instrument panel, various controls their location and operation
  • Lubrication of jumbo drilling rig
  • Various levers and switches in order to operate the Drill properly
  • Different types of drill bits and their uses
  • Common terminology vis-à- vis jumbo drilling
  • Precautions against rock falls/gas/dust/Fire.
  • Routine checks essential before starting operations
  • Operation of large Jumbos single/ double boo
  • Signage, mining area signs and other safety and emergency signals
  • Response to emergencies such as fire, accident, major failure etc.
  • Interlocking of drill safety aspects etc.
  • Construction and operation of different assemblies and sub-assemblies:

    • Operator cabin
    • Mast
    • Compressors
    • Hydraulic Systems
    • Other Mechanical parts