Retained Recruitment services (Headhunting)

Retained Recruitment Services
  • Our  Retained Recruitment Services remain the most effective method of recruiting key personnel and is a service that have successfully placed over 1000 executives globally, including Africa.
  • This service demonstrates how we make use of diverse resources as it allows us to focus on client and candidate profiling, market research and headhunting, in-depth interviews and thorough feedback to clients throughout the recruitment process.
Our service includes the following:
  • The retained fee is based on a third of the basic annual remuneration package;
  • A retainer deposit fee of 30% of the total retained fee is due immediately upon commencement of the assignment and not refundable under any circumstances;
  • No fee will be charged for the shortlist and presentation of a minimum of 3 candidate;
  • A completion fee of 70% (being adjusted for any differences between estimated and actual remuneration package), is payable 30 days after an applicant commences employment with the client.
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