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Fowzia Gamiet


10 biggest African diamonds

  African diamonds are among the biggest in the world. Throughout the continent, diamonds of varying shapes and sizes have been discovered. Here are 10 of the biggest African diamonds every discovered. The Cullinan diamond At a whopping 3106.75 carats, this African...

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Diamond Discovery in Lesotho Mine

  New diamond discovery in a Lesotho Mine! Africa-focused Gem Diamonds' has recently announced its discovery of a 202-carat rough diamond at its flagship Letšeng mine in Lesotho. The stone is a high quality 202 carat, D colour Type IIa diamond, valued at $8m to $10m....

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Burkina Faso mining sector boom

The Burkina Faso mining sector is booming. The Burkina Faso mining sector has become vibrant and active in recent years, thanks to increased exploration in the country. Companies such as SEMAFO and Roxgold are largely contributing to this. There are a variety of...

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More Mining in Rwanda’s future

  After years of slow activity, investment in the Rwandan mining sector has recently increased. Challenges that the mining sector has faced include access to financing, and slump in global mineral prices to lack of adequate regulation which could have seen investors...

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